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    @Milan Gladiš | January 17, 2021

    Hello, I'll try to share with you a short story about the Bouldy platform.

    The 2020 year was probably difficult for all of us. We didn't have an option to move, do sports we used to, and most of us started working from home because of the fight with the invisible enemy. 2020 was the year of a lot of changes, and this project is one of those changes. I decided to invest my spare time to build something that I will love in the process, and maybe I will also be useful for the community. Honestly, I understand that it's not a great start in product development, but I wanted to spend the quarantine at the end of 2020 on something that I will love. Building digital products is like an art for me. Sometimes, you have to throw it into the trash, but when you're persistent, one day, it needs to be the gamechanger. At least, I hope so.

    My climbing passion grew up a few years ago, and I have visited a few gyms with climbing walls and bouldering, and as a beginner, I wanted to track my progress send feedback to the gym staff about specific routes, but I didn't have an option for that. Some of them had a not very user-friendly solution what inspired me to build a climbing gym management platform that will be outstanding in design and usability.

    One morning, especially the 20th of December in 2020, I got an idea to build a platform for climbing studios, scalable and pivotable, but let's start with day one.

    All happened very quickly during the first day. I had a brand name, domain, simple website, emails, social accounts, and basic wireframes of the landing page with rendered 3D images and copywriting. Everything happened very fluidly because I have years of experience with hustling side-projects, and I exactly know what to do in any process.

    Next days and weeks, I worked hard on the design, typography, 3D modeling, and renders. When everything was settled down, I started to code the platform. Landing page, some necessary stuff like privacy policy and terms of use. The dashboard was born for bouldering wall management and climbing routes logging. For every route, there is a label with a QR code that contains its name, grade, and unique QR code that will links directly to the climbing route in the bouldy platform, where the user will be able to track the climbing workout. Gyms can create a free website and share information with their visitors like a short bio, opening hours, contact data, or a list of routes. One of the most important features is an occupancy counter snippet which can be embedded on any website as a simple iframe code. It's also displayed on a gym's profile page here at the Bouldy platform.

    Thanks for reading these lines. I would appreciate it if you will send me your feedback or any ideas on how to improve the platform to help people to workout smarter and climbing gyms to get closer to climbers.

    Thanks and have a great day.


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